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Βραδυνα φορεματα Αποκλειστικα για εσας κατοπιν ειδικης παραγγελιας  

Νυφικα Φορεματα  Απολαυστε Μοναδικη Δημιουργια Υψηλης Ραπτικης για την μοναδικη περισταση της ζωης σας

Gloria is a spectacular XXL fashion proposition. It will certainly attract the attention of everyone around, no one will pass by it indifferently. It was designed with attention to every detail and incredible precision. Gloria has a pencil cut that beautifully highlights the woman's figure, giving her a feminine and tasteful look. In addition, it perfectly hides all the flaws. This model combines elegance and comfort. It's made from beautiful, sparkly sequins, has short sleeves and a scoop neckline that accentuates the bust beautifully. The material from which the dress is made ensures comfort and resistance to wear. The dress sits perfectly on the figure and optically thins it, making us look unique and very feminine.


vradina foremata

Gloria Chic vradina foremata

171,95 €Τιμή