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Evening & Wedding dresses available for rent.

Atelier Arapakou Dress Rental

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 Most clothes we buy end up in the back of closets or landfills. Power the sharing economy and rent instead.

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Rental Terms and Regulations

Terms and Regulations for renting wedding and evening dresses

The customer must read and understand the terms and conditions of the rental and agree to this form and allow us to hold their identity details.

Dear friends, keep in mind that the "Rent" option is only available within Attica region.

How long in advance should I rent the dress?

- You can select a fitting date of your choice, but we would suggest you enter the process at least a week before, this gives you time to try on the dress and avoid last minute stress.

(Dress fitting takes place with your presence in the store)

1. All our selections and pricelist can be found on our website or simply give us a call


2. Reservation  "Dress rental"


Reservation can be done via our online store by choosing an option "Rent This Dress" – and then choosing an option to pay at the store ,  or you may get an information with a telephone call,  we will  hold a dress for a day, once the booking is made, you will have to come to the store to pay for your "Dress Rent" and deposit the full cost of the dress to guarantee (Insurance Fee) that the dress will not be damaged.

3. Reservation Payment for "Dress Rental"

Payment for "Dress Rental" can be made through our online store or in store via POS or cash.

If you reserved a "Dress Rental" online and paid for it, upon picking up the dress in the store you will be asked to deposit the amount of the guarantee (Insurance) in cash, which will be the remaining amount of the listed sale price of the dress.

The amount of the guarantee (Insurance) must be deposited in cash only, which will be returned to the customer on the day the dress is returned to the store, also in cash.

You will receive an email and legal receipt of your rental as proof of rental and payment.


3. For "Dress Rental" online paid reservation only, we will hold the dress for up to 4 working days after payment of the reservation

4. If the reservation was made through an online store and paid online and the customer does not show up to collect the dress within 4 working days, the reservation of the dress will be canceled and the money will not be refunded


5. The rental period is 4 days to 8 days (in case of renting a dress for 8 days the cost is +20% in addition to the rental cost, we will keep 20% of the amount of the guarantee (Insurance) paid by the customer.

The rental period will begins  on the pick up date and will end on the day the dress is returned to the store.

After 4 working days, it will be held
+20% in addition to the rental cost,

and after the 8th day (eighth day) the dress is considered sold - the dress is  not returnable - and the amount of the guarantee (Insurance) will not be returned.


6. On the day of picking up 

The customer must deposit the - "guarantee amount (insurance)" in cash only at the store, which will be returned on the day the dress is returned to the store, also in cash.

The cost of "dress rental" payment can be made in store via POS or cash.



The dress must be returned to the store clean and undamaged, it must be returned with a tag (receipt) with full details of the "Dry Cleaner"

- Note - All our dresses should be cleaned with "dry cleaning" only.

What happens if I damage or lose the dress I have rented?

As a renter we expect you to treat rental dresses as if they were your own, obviously we understand that accidents can happen, so we ask that you take the dress to "Dry Clean".


In case there are serious damages or stains or waste of dress - The amount of the guarantee (Insurance) is not returnable.


20% Off Your First One-Time Rental


Finally the solution to wearing everything you want, no purchase necessary.

You don’t have to buy something you’ll only wear once or twice – rent a dress ! Reserve styles for upcoming events. 

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